The Nopal Group


Nopal intends to exploit The Nopal Solution as best available technology worldwide. In conjunction with its compliance of stringent regulatory criteria, Nopal also considers The Nopal Solution the best available technology from the combined standpoint relative to efficiency, economical, and environmental conscious process of disposing or recycling oil & gas waste– whether the waste is generated onshore, from an offshore drill rig, or a disposal pit area. When comparing The Nopal Solution to the available disposal technologies, The Nopal Solution's performance characteristics are more favorable in terms of the following:


The operation of the The Nopal Solution is often more cost effective as the process requires minimal labor compared to timely land remedies and offshore remedies where expensive transportation costs from offshore operations to onshore remedies is highly common and encouraged due to political and regulatory concerns.

Environmental Impact

The Nopal Solution eliminates the potential environmental problems associated with contamination of the water table associated with injection wells. Nor is waste sent to third-party commercial or municipal landfills, nor is it commingled with third-party wastes. The Nopal Solution does not generate hazardous emissions of any kind. Finally, Bio-Konversion™ does not create the “mounding” effect when disposing of drill waste into the sea.


The Nopal Solution converts the waste within a matter of hours compared to alternative land treatment techniques where the soil’s microbes process the waste in situ (a form of bioremediation) which can require years to be effective.