The Nopal Group

Drilling Technology

Since the dawn of oil and gas drilling activity in the 19th century, drilling debris called "mud cuttings" have been polluting our earth... but that doesn't have to be the case any longer!

The Nopal Solution

This process will literally rewrite the handbook on the disposal of drilling waste. Eliminating waste at the source is the sought-after pollution solution the industry seeks.

Recover. Recycle. Reuse.

All the way around, from oilfield to farmer field; from the South China Sea to the Cabinda Coast; for man, sea or land, with The Nopal Solution, we all win.


The Nopal Solution is a patent pending “clean technology” that recovers, remediates and reuses waste and hydrocarbons resulting from oil & gas-drilling operations.

The Nopal Solution has been proven in the laboratory and has undergone beta testing on a commercial scale in Comales, Mexico. All test results for hydrocarbons, post treatment, have met or exceeded relevant EPA standards for non-detectability and non-leachability. The Nopal Solution employs “biodegradation”, a natural process in which bacteria, micro-organisms and macro-organisms consume organics such as petroleum hydrocarbons, carbon-based polymers, lubricants, and other carbon based additives and reduces them to normal products and byproducts such as energy, biomass and carbon dioxide.

Required for such a process is Kenaf, which is a cellulosic additive essential to absorb oil, a carbon nutrient source (which in drilling operations is provided by the hydrocarbons, lubricants, etc.), oxygen, a suitable diluent environment (such as water, seawater, and soil), enzymes, minerals, and an adequate supply of living bacteria. The Nopal Solution is supported by a mobile machine, designed at 90 ft. long x 40 ft. wide for onshore operations.

The machine will process various types of drill waste, including drill cuttings, contaminated soil and drill fluids. When the input material is entered, The Nopal Solution machine is capable of processing the material within a matter of hours. In addition, the machine is designed to remove the hydrocarbon liquid for resale purposes.

Finally, via an adaptable washer, the machine can remove chlorides as effectively as available technologies. Once material is processed, the end product has been independently tested to indicate that the hydrocarbons are non-detectible and non-leachable - a result where the material is no longer considered "waste".

The Nopal Solution technology is a proven and tested technology that yields non-detectable and non-leachable hydrocarbons in any environment (sea and land).

Nopal has recently obtained a permit (No: MP-A07-0002) from the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates all oil and gas wastes, to test the technology and to treat oil and gas waste in the state of Texas.